A sweet escape…

Costa Rica is the perfect scenario combo of beaches and mountains, wildlife and wellness, serenity and adventure. It is a contrast of everything.   One of the magical places to visit is La Fortuna in Arenal, with some of the most incredible sights to enjoy, breathtaking sunsets, and amazing resorts to enjoy and relax. This […]

Golden, golden, golden Costa Rica!

  When I met you in the summer… no wait that’s another tune! It’s not difficult to get caught on such summer anthems this time of the year in Costa Rica, because from December all the way to early May, it’s the precious summer time in the country.           The rainforest […]

A Happy New Year: Tico Style!

As of now, we all know various countries and cultures have different ways of ringing in the New Year. In Costa Rica, an agüizote, (/æwiː•zətɛ/) is usually something you do to bring good luck into your life. Traveling, having financial stability, and finding love are some of the reasons people practice them. For the New […]

‘Tis the season to be engaged!

This is indeed the Season. The turkey feast is over in November and it brings upon the magic of the Christmas spirit and the joy of a New Year that is just around the corner. However, we are not talking about that season; this is a less formal one: engagement season! According to a recent [...]


There’s a song from a popular reggae artist that says “In the summertime, when the weather is high, you can stretch right up and touch the sky…” That’s exactly what you should be doing and lots more by enjoying the magic of the Costa Rican summertime. Currently there’s winter cold in most parts of America, and as many people […]


To walk around the forest is a swell adventure, but… Have you ever wondered what’s it like to see the forest from above like birds do? With Sky Adventures this is a given and a-must on your Costa Rica vacations.           The Sky Tram gondolas rise smoothly through the rain forest, […]

Rio Perdido: Adventure and Wellness in Costa Rica

The pura vida life style in Costa Rica goes beyond a simple expression for greeting or saying thank you, it’s also very close to a sentiment of wellbeing. When you think of Rio Perdido, you usually think of adventure in the mountains while bathing in natural hot springs, but Rio Perdido is so much more […]


When the leaves start changing color and the habitual flurries come, you know it’s time for a sunny escape and no better place to go to than Costa Rica. Here are 10 of the best beaches around the country, each simply begging you all to flee the winter cold! NORTH PACIFIC Beach: Playa Panamá Location: […]

Costa Rica for Extreme Adventure Seekers

Costa Rica has some of the world’s most beautiful and iconic places to visit. From majestic volcanoes, and pristine beaches with spectacular views of the ocean to some of the most lush greenery forests. Costa Rica is home to more than 500,000 species, which represents nearly 4% of the total species estimated worldwide, making Costa […]

The true and natural spas at Costa Rica

When thinking of Costa Rica, green comes to mind, and adventure, fun, and excitement. However, lately, wellness has become more and more part of our regular lifestyle, whether it is in the practicing of various sports like cycling or disciplines like yoga, or the undertaking of massage therapies with chocolate or essential oils that provide […]