A Honeymoon in Costa Rica!

With an array of beaches, lush rainforests and five-star resorts to enjoy, it is no surprise that Costa Rica was ranked amongst the "Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations" by Brides Magazine and Signature Travel Network. Newlyweds deserve some time for rest and relaxation after all the stress a wedding may produce, and Costa Rica offers a [...]

Costa Rica Rural and Sustainable Tourism

Costa Rica Rural and Sustainable Tourism

“Tourist experiences planned and sustainably integrated to the rural environment and developed by local organization for the benefit of the community.”

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Mind and Body Relaxation in Costa Rica

    There are few things in life that melt stress away like a visit to a good spa. In Costa Rica, the possibilities of getting a good massage or body treatment are as wide ranging as the techniques and products used in Costa Rica. And there’s a bonus: Costa Rica’s wealth of natural elements […]

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Marino ballena National Park
Monkey dropy rock climb
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Spring Break in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a non-traditional Destination for Spring Break. Must people to think spring break and just only think about a beach destination and endless parties? Well, it is an option that many opt for.  But if you want a spring break that will be fun, full of adventure, explore and relax in a beautiful […]

The Easter Week in Costa Rica